globally inspired contemporary american cooking




globally inspired contemporary american cooking



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PAIRINGS, a family owned and operated restaurant, brings together globally inspired cooking, local and sustainable practices and the comfort of grandma's recipes. We welcome you into our dining room to slowdown, to disconnect from your electronic devices and to reconnect with family and friends over our food and your wine. Your dinner is leisurely paced as all of your meal is thoughtfully crafted for you.

Our plates, which change based on seasonal availability, extend from gourmet to comfort. Each dish is prepared with ingredients strategically paired to intrigue and invigorate, to stimulate and satisfy; just-baked breads and desserts, freshly rolled pastas, slowly braised meats, à la minute sautéed seafood and churned daily ice creams, leave no palate untingled.

Sit back. Relax. Sip. Rekindle. Dine. We welcome you into our house with open arms.



The best times are spent together: family + food + friends

Sit back. Relax. Sip. Rekindle. Dine. 

The best times are spent together: family + food + friends

Sit back. Relax. Sip. Rekindle. Dine. 

Our pairings evolve through the seasons and are ever changing.  We do not offer every item every day, but base each menu on what is best at the market that day. The menus are just a sample list from which today's dinner menu is derived.

  • All of our breads and pastas,

  • all of our stocks and sauces,

  • all of our desserts and ice creams

are made from scratch here in our Cranford kitchen.


We exclusively offer this menu every Wednesday

Served every Thursday, Friday, Saturday + Sunday. We do not offer this menu on Wednesdays.


the PAIRINGS kitchen










the PAIRINGS kitchen












Gerardo Santiago

     Chef de Cuisine

Victor Pabon

     Sous Chef

Gabriel Abatangelo, CIA '14

Zackary Abramzon, CEC '17

Gilbert De La Cruz

Rihanna Felix

Aura Moronta

Pernette Seide

Maria Colon

Nate Nieto

Gerardo Santiago, Chef de Cuisine

Vanessa Kenney, Restaurant Manager/Executive Pastry Chef



Vanessa Kenney, FCI '09

    Restaurant Manager/ Executive Pastry Chef

Laura Savoca, CIA '16


the PAIRINGS dining room

the PAIRINGS dining room


Vincent Clyne, PWC

Professional Wine Studies Certification, CIA '05 Managing Partner

Carol Murphy Clyne, CCC

ProChef Certification, CIA '05 Chef/Partner

Fernando Lozano Jr

Dining Room Manager


Christian Cardona

Kyle Dubin

Juan Enriquez

Ricardo Mora

Jonathan Rico


Janissa Castro

Mercedes Moronta

Lilly Ramirez

Katie Savoca