bring your own wine

        the best times are those spent together:  
                     family + food + friends

PAIRINGS brings together globally inspired cooking, local and
sustainable practices and the comfort of grandma's recipes. Our
plates, which change based on seasonal availability, extend from
gourmet to comfort.  Each ingredient is strategically paired to intrigue
and invigorate, to stimulate and satisfy:  sweet with savory, crunchy
with creamy, spicy with tangy.  Just-baked breads and desserts,
freshly rolled pastas, slowly braised meats, à la minute sautéed
seafood and ice creams churned daily, leave no palate untingled

All of our breads and pastas,
all of our stocks and sauces,
       all of our desserts and ice creams
are made from scratch here in our Cranford kitchen.